Childrens Eye Care

Preschool Warning Signs
Parents need to look for refractive errors in their preschoolers by watching for these warning signs:

Schedule an appointment with Park Lane Eye Care if your preschooler exhibits any of these possible refractive error signs.

School-Age Children
Poor visual acuity or the presence of astigmatism are eyecare practitioners' main concern for school-age children. Parents, as well as teachers, should keep a watchful eye out for these signals that a child's vision needs correction:

Motivation to Wear Eyeglasses
If your child needs to eyeglasses, get him involved in the frame purchase — if he's the one who picks out the frame, he will be more motivated to wear the glasses. Explain that he needs them to see clearer, and give specific examples that he can understand. He'll be able to see the words in his books better, or will be able to play catch with his brother because he can now see the ball.

Schedule the eye exam and glasses selection at a time that's good for your child. Some kids are more focused early in the day, while others come to life after lunch or an afternoon nap. Don't visit the eye doctor when your child is tired, cranky or hungry.

First select a few frame styles yourself, then give your child the final choice on the glasses he'll wear. Make the outing a positive event, discussing how lots of people he knows wear glasses, and how they see much better. Make sure the frames you choose are comfortable to wear, and fitted properly for your child. No one, especially a child, will wear uncomfortable glasses

Teen Vision Issues
Most refractive errors are easily corrected with contact lenses — even astigmatism. In most cases, your teen will see just as well with contact lenses as he did with glasses, or even better.

Teens involved in sports will especially appreciate contact lenses. Wearing contact lenses for recreational sports gives your teen clearer vision and allows him to wear needed protective eyewear over his contacts. It is rare that a contact lens will be dislodged or lost during sports play, but replacing a contact lens is much less expensive than replacing an entire pair of glasses.

Possibly the greatest benefit to wearing contact lenses is the significant jump in self-confidence your teen may experience. Self-esteem, school participation, grades and social life may take an upswing after your teen starts to feel better about his appearance.

No matter what vision issues you experience with your child, let Park Lane Eye Care assist you in choosing the right products for safety, clarity and comfort.

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